Photo of Adelia massaging a client

Adelia with client

The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day – Hippocrates, 400BC

So you have arrived at this website.
Maybe you are just curious.
Maybe you are feeling a bit stiff and achy and are wondering if a massage could actually help. Maybe you have had a lot of massage before and know that you enjoy it but are looking for a new therapist or new experience.
Or maybe you haven’t had good experiences in the past and are wondering if it is possible to have a good massage!
Read on my friend … read on …

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A lot of people think of massage as simply a pleasurable indulgence, but a really good massage can be far more than that and can offer wide-ranging health benefits. In fact soft-tissue manipulation is probably one of the oldest forms of therapy, and has been around for thousands of years: and in many parts of the world is considered a health practice as common as eating the right foods and getting enough sleep and exercise. Recently, more and more people in the west are coming to appreciate the positive role that massage can play in their lives.

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