How I Work

So where do I fit in to all this I hear you asking? Well, every massage is different because people are so different. Many people like a deep massage and others prefer something more gentle or nurturing, and this can also change depending on how you are feeling at a particular time. I can also work in a remedial way on specific problem areas. If appropriate I also include passive stretches and sometimes ‘isometric’ stretches (where you do some of the work!).

However I have discovered over many years that sometimes less is more, and that making a connection with the body is much more important than applying brute force. I believe that working on the edge of pain can be very beneficial, but going over the edge is counter-productive and simply produces resistance in the client’s body (and mind). I prefer to gently encourage the body to give up its tension. However it is a dialogue with the body and everything is negotiable.

Each body is its own kind of puzzle, and the key is to find the particular input that this body needs in order to release its tension and achieve a profound level of relaxation. Sometimes this also means acknowledging that physical tension may represent unexpressed feelings or reflect an individual’s thought patterns, and although I would never push you, I will encourage you to work with the feeling level if you are interested. (See page on ‘Focusing’).

Photo of Adelia massaging a client