The face carries a surprising amount of tension. Our language expresses this well. We ‘put on a brave face’, ‘face up to things’, ‘save face’ and ‘lose face’, and there is an underlying psychological and physical reality to this. This gentle massage treatment, helps to relieve this deep tension giving the facial muscles a lift. It incorporates acupressure techniques to work on a subtle energy level and is profoundly relaxing. Visually people look refreshed and energised losing the tight, stressed and tired looking face for a more relaxed, younger, stress-free face which really shows.

Hands applying gentle massage to face

I have had other massage treatments in the past but the facial massage with Adelia surpasses them all. The experience was wonderful and I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I bumped into a friend a few minutes after my treatment and she asked me where I had been because I was glowing. I would say – try it for yourself and see the difference. I would highly recommend Adelia’s facial treatment – even after only one visit my face felt wonderful and I left feeling extremely relaxed. — Shirley Shaw

The facial massage was an excellent treatment. I had been suffering from sinusitis for several weeks. Adelia added specific essential oils and worked carefully on the sinus areas. After a short-lived headache that evening I awoke to clearer breathing and continuing health improvement. The facial massage is also a very relaxing and pleasant treatment suitable for everyone.
Sarah V